Discussion 8-A-1

I would pick Google Docs. I think the weaknesses mentioned in the article about Google docs have been reduced significantly. There are a few things where Microsoft applications are superior but I think overall Google docs provide a very similar experience to the user. Furthermore, google docs is somewhat simpler to share than Microsoft products. Thus, I think that Google docs would serve well for different students.

I am not sure if I would recommend Google docs for students with specific learning styles. However, I think it’s good for students who have a hard time keeping their files organized and “their dogs tend to eat their homework”. It’s a simple way to never forget documents at home or to forget to bring assignments to school. I think the biggest benefit of Google docs is the ability of students to use and share information. Thus, students who benefit from sharing or who could benefit from sharing with colleagues would probably benefit from becoming familiar and using Google docs. I have children and they all use Google docs for various purposes, from College applications to submitting homework to completing homework assignments.


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