Discussion 7-B-1

On your blog, post about the idea of paperless spaces or a paperless class.
How would a paperless class change your role as a teacher?
I have wanted to go paperless for a while. At my son’s high school all students are given an ipad. However, at my college this is not the case yet. For me, my role wouldn’t necessarily change. We would just use the internet to do everything we do anyways. In practice, I would spend more time finding resources online that can be used in class and offer them to students. Still, I think it’s a change in procedures, not necessarily in roles.

How would paperless classes change learning?
I envision a class that students spend more time doing activities than listening to lectures. I think that each student would be able to follow his/her own pace more easily. I would rely on more online resources and spend more time developing them for students.

How would you measure learning in a paperless class?
I would still have quizzes, homework, tests, all completed online. I already give these online for online classes anyways. They would also be available for face-to-face students.

Would a paperless space make it easier or harder to build a learning network? Why?
I think much easier. Students would have access to a number of resources, including social media and similar, to connect with peers, professionals and so on. However, I will say that sometimes younger students have a harder time relating to others face-to-face. This may be make it harder for them to build a learning network.


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