Discussion 6-A-3

Post to your blog a response to one of the arguments summarized by one of the other groups on their wiki. Do you agree or disagree with the statements made? Why? Be sure to provide a link to the wiki page you’re responding to in your post. If you use any other sources in your response, be sure to cite those as well.

Group A’s argument”
“Is connectivism relevant to your teaching practice? If so, how?

(…) “Through practice with connectivism-like activities, students will become stronger readers and writers as well as learners who can effectively build their knowledge through collaborating with others, all while they improve their internet navigating and research skills. This learning theory is relevant to our teaching practices because learning through these online connections and real-life experiences can help our students achieve many of our general learning objectives. Higher order thinking has been a major initiative in schools over recent years. We have all heard that it is time to get our students more involved in their own learning and to guide them on a path of inquisitive, student-centered learning that requires them to delve deeply into their critical thinking skills. (…) By taking a look at one of Siemens’ highlights surrounding connectivism, these points can be summarized. ‘One of the principles of connectivism is how higher order thinking skills are activated when individuals can distinguish which of the abundant and diverse information available online are reliable or sustainable’ (Korpf, 2013). This explanation demonstrates how connectivism is relevant to our teaching practices.”

My comments: The issue I have with the argument is that it misses the actual link between the learning theory and the higher order thinking. Maybe students with access to diverse information will achieve higher order learning, maybe not. I think the evidence is not-conclusive. Furthermore, it is unclear how this access would work. What kind of access would achieve this higher level learning. I am not convinced that such exposure would magically increase higher order understanding of concepts.


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