Learning Activity 6-C-2

One of the main ideas of connectivism is that we learn through our connections with others. On your blog, post your reflection on your experience connecting with another educator using Skype. How you might use Skype in the future to either connect with other teachers or to help your students connect? What do you hope to gain by using this technology?

I have used Skype to connect with others in my College. We have meetings, especially over the Summer using Skype (we have also used Blackboard Collaborate). It is a good way to interact with others when the use of the phone is not enough. The face-to-face interaction can enhance communication when compared to voice only options. I think that the experience of interacting with others has been positive. I think that we can increase communication and thus learning through this shared experiences. I think it’s a little hard to use Skype extensively with other educators if you don’t them well. However, it’s a great tool to use with educators if you already know them well. I think this in conjunction with Diigo can definitely enhance interaction and learning for educators.

I am hoping to be able to use Skype in the future to conduct more meetings and other business with other educators in my school. I am not sure if I would use with students but I may use it for virtual office hours. Currently, I use Blackboard Collaborate but I may use both. I am hoping to gain more effective and increased communication with my colleagues and, potentially, students.


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