Learning Activity 5-A-1

I would use pictures as the one presented below (sorry, I couldn’t get the picture to upload here) to discuss Federal Open Market Committee meetings and talk about the content of the press conferences conducted by the Fed’s Board Chair after FOMC meetings. These are good illustrations for students to visualize what’s actually going on. I think Flickr gives an easy to use and rich in pictures that can illustrate situations that may be hard for students to relate to. I’m sorry I couldn’t post the picture here. Andre

Image Citation:
US (2017, March 15). Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank. US’s Federal Reserve _D817465. Retrieved from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/federalreserve/33332337981/in/photolist-SMsWNr-bCRnLK-HEuLgu-tK6wME-GURhAB-H2WJUF-FSFGQv-GKPRLh-GmquWm-G5JHtJ-GURhKV-Fz8CWA-TNH1gA-GN3jkH-TDyzpb-SuN557-SZUZqi-TDyBrC-tsPndo-tKwkvk-tKweLz-tK3BCC-DM2K9R-tKw62F-P9GB11-sNx9Pk-HoV9b7-tsMUBQ-sNnf6J-tKw8RZ-tKpXFV-tKusr8-CEMPn2-tsWq64-sNoCHf-tsVexH-Pcta8r-tsQ3wq-tK5gEY-tsVsNF-tKoD6v-tH3heJ-sNp6GA-sNmfGq-tKnfPt-sNmvyE-tsLnXf-tsNU8G-sNmC3G-tH48Mb


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