Is there a particular example of a classroom wiki which inspired you?
Not really. Still, I do think it’s worthwhile to try. I know that my natural instinct is to diminish the validity of social media and social interaction. I do have to make a large effort to be able to use it.

What was most challenging about creating a wiki together as a group in
Activity 4-C-1? I think that coordination issues still exist. It’s an effective way to work in group but it’s not as effective as synchronous group activities. It’s hard to coordinate if people take a while to respond.

What did you learn from the group wiki project? That wiki work is difficult but possible. It’s challenging to work with all the time frames. Nevertheless, the outcomes were worthwhile because people worked together to achieve a common goal.

Has your opinion of Wikipedia changed at all this week? A little. I’m still a little “suspicious” about the technology. Hopefully, the more I use it, the more comfortable I will get with it.

Are you encountering resistance to using wikis in your class, either from others or from yourself? If so, how do you plan to respond? I have not yet used it in my classes. I don’t think there would be much resistance.


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