Discussion 3-D-2

I had a Diigo account before but I did not use it much. I am taking courses in PLS with 2 of my colleagues who also teach economics at the same College I teach. We, informally, exchange information but we have never systematically shared information. Our offices are right next to each other and we see each other every day during the school year. However, I believe that a lot of what we do is not shared with each other because we don’t have a platform to do it. I think I can start one by using Diigo and by inviting them and others to participate in this sharing. I think we all have rich contributions and can help each other enhance our teaching experiences. I think the learning curve associated with such platforms will be reduced because all of us are somewhat familiar with Diigo (and other platforms). I am sure if I start something like this, my colleagues would certainly be willing to participate. Andre


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